Scrivener Review

Scrivener Review – A Review of Book Writing Software

In this Scrivener review, we will Scrivener writing software and discuss its key features, performance, compatibility and how to learn Scrivener fast.

What is Scrivener?

Scrivener Review

Scrivener is a renowned content-generation tool for writers. It allows powerful composing of long-form documents. It is the super-organizational word processor that is specially designed for the writers. With this, multiple files can be kept within reach. It helps the writer to compare different graphs. All in all, it is a complete tool that can help any writer to create his/her master piece with ease.

Who Uses Scrivener?

Amateur and professional, both kinds of writers use Scrivener. Hollywood scriptwriters, best-selling authors, novelists, journalists, lawyers, everyone who has anything to do important with the writing uses Scrivener. Scrivener is specially designed for writing with ease. All types of writers can use it to avert the problems they usually face while writing. Along with the above mentioned professionals, Scrivener is also used by business and technical writers, translators, comics and graphic novel writers, academic writers, students, biographers, memoirists and many others.

Key Features of Scrivener:

Scrivener has many features that make it perfect for the writers. Here are some of its key features:

  • It Remembers You: Whenever you open your project, it takes you on your last spot automatically. When you are in the middle of your project, this feature means a lot.
  • Easy Structure Making: With Scrivener, you can write your writing pieces in chunks. And with the Binder, you can see all your scattered pieces at a single place. If you don’t like any idea, just leave its chunk with ease.
  • Easy Epiphanies Making: If you have any future idea, just write it down in a new document and leave it until the story reaches the place where you need it.
  • Color-coding Feature: You can do many things with this feature. Like you can utilize it to code your characters and then in the whole piece, you can easily see where the character goes.
  • Auto-save Option: With more than 2 seconds of inactivity, your work is saved automatically so you don’t lose it when there is power loss.
  • Work in the Way You Like: In the full screen mode, there are no distractions. Select the way you want to work.

How to Use Scrivener?

Scrivener Writing Software

Scrivener can be used in two ways. Either you can learn how to use it on your own or you can take the help from the online course. It is not easy to use Scrivener but once you know how to use it there’s no going back to any other writing software in the world. Scrivener is hard to use because it has been created only for the serious writers.

Scrivener Review – Conclusion

Scrivener is surely the best tool present today for easy writing. It provides everything that a writer needs nowadays but it is also true that using Scrivener on your own is not easy. It may take 100 of hours to learn this software but a quicker way is here. You can take help from the ‘Learn Scrivener Fast’ course. It will teach you how to use Scrivener in less than a week time.

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(Scrivener Review)